Service Pricing:


Monthly Storage Cost

Implementation Cost*

Restore Charge**

Archiving $4/TB $5/100,000 files/folders $10/TB+$5/100,000 files/folders
Backup  $10/TB $1/100,000 files/folders $10/TB
Active Cloud $20/TB none n/a
Shared local $10/TB none $5/TB
Dedicated local $30/TB none $5/TB
psyIT reserves the right to not charge for low volume / low cost scenarios (generally less than $50/month)
* Charged per 1000 objects; No charges for less than 1000 objects
** Charged per GB; No charge for less than 1 GB

Use the Storage Service Calculator to compare costs for your storage need.

Service Description:

Archive - Long term backup / archive of data. No expectation to restore but retain for acedemic integrity

Backup - Some restoration of files expected but no need for routine access

Active Cloud - Cloud-based storage, often for cloud-based data processing

Shared local - On premise shared storage for routine data processing, including administrative files

Dedicated local - High demand on premise storage dedicated to a project, program or other team