procurement-goals NYSPI technology purchase governance supports efficient use of dollars, regardless of funding source. Recognizing common needs and efficiencies through standardization of solutions, some IT purchases follow an IT review process. This ensures standard solutions are leveraged where possible, supports expedited delivery where existing inventory can be leveraged, helps support data compliance mandates and, hopefully lowers cost to the program. IT review typically completes in under 1 business day.

IT purchase review leverages the TIQR ticketing system.

IT purchases for approved, standard hardware, including computers, monitors and printers, are EXEMPT from review.

Supplies for approved, standard printers, are also EXEMPT from review.

Basic supplies, such as single ethernet cables, mouse pads, keyboards and mice, are exempt, though review is recommended since these items are likely to exist free-of-charge in psyIT inventory.

All storage devices, including removable storage devices, must be reviewed, as would any non-standard hardware or supplies (e.g. toner) for non-standard printers.

While review for standard items is not required, psyIT recommends either submitted the purchase through the TIQR review process or, in parallel, through an e-mail or service ticket.

For standard items, psyIT will immediately approve any requests and will check existing inventory, which could then either eliminate the need for the procurement or expedite delivery of the item to the program. (The program procurement would restock the inventory for the next need.) 

Any questions regarding procurement governance can be directed to psyIT