The following systems have been approved by psyIT for NYSPI research purposes. Systems with a CUMC SysID may also be used for CUMC-funded or sourced data needs.

Short Description Description NYSPI Business Contact(s) CUMC SysID OK for CUMC PII/PHI OK for NYS PII/PHI
CRMS The CRMS (Clinical Research Management System) is an electronic database developed under the auspices of the Eating Disorders Research Unit at New York State Psychiatric Institute/Columbia University Medical Center. The first version was developed to support a two-site NIH-funded study of Anorexia Nervosa (Walsh et al, 2006), and was successfully used to acquire all clinical research data for this study. It is designed so that the forms and reports specific to a study can be developed and used by personnel with minimal training.   5407 Yes Yes
Weissman Lab The purpose is to be the host for the Oracle database engine asscociated with the  High Risk study. The corresponding database contains all relative data (including PHI) that feeds a client based executable program that is internal and within NYSPI firewall. The users of the system have secure logins and only have read-only internal access to the system.  Users only enter data through the executable program while the System Administrator provides data upon request.Additionally, it the system will function to provide additional storage by replacing current stand alone NAS storage devices which are not in a secured environment.

Public RFMH-funded website hosted by,, describes the research
Myra Weissman - Division head
Marc Gameroff - System lead
5535 Yes Yes
Biostat Redcap CUMC Biostatitics Redcap system managed by Richard Buchsbaum Richard Buchsbaum (Biostatistics) - System lead
Richard Sloan
4750 No No
Stat Sensor it used for testing levels creatinine in patients and storing and displaying results
meter sample from patient and strip is used to gather results
  5674 No No
KIS-EMR Track all NYSPI Psychiatry subjects Amy Bennett-Staub - Business Lead
Susan Kistler - System lead
5843 Yes Yes
NYSPI Exchange E-mail E-mail for domain psyIT core service 5844 No Yes
NYSPI Central File Services Secure file storage in NYSPI intranet psyIT core service 5845 Yes Yes
CHILDEPI Client-server platform for Child Epi group studies George Musa - System lead 5848 No Yes
Psychiatry Resident Candidate System Process Resident selection Melissa Arbuckle - Business Lead
Susan Kistler - System lead
5850 No No
Child Psychiatry Video NAS DROBO units used for video data storage Beatrice Beebe - Business Lead
psyIT core service
5867 Yes Yes
Studytrax Consolidated Studytrax hosted environment for NYSPI study management managed by psyIT David Hellerstein, Elizabeth Sublette
John Putzke ( - System lead
5874 / 6013 Yes Yes
Psychiatry Dropbox Cross-organizational file sharing / collaboration of non-sensative information, primarily draft manuscripts but potentially other non-sensative files. psyIT core service 5875 Yes Yes
Psychiatry Research MRI image storage Storage of MRI images used by research groups throughout the Department of Pyschiatry / NYSPI organization. psyiT core service 6017 No No
NYSPI Experimental Therapeutics Image Processing Processing of De-identified images only; internal use only; located at secured NYSPI data center Gaurav Patel 6018 No No
NYSPI RFMH NKI EEG Data Storage System Storage of EEG data at the NYS OMH Laboratory NKI facility site   6020 No No
Psychiatry MIND File Sharing System File storage supporting work by the Molecular Imaging and Neuropathology (MIND) group. Files include de-identified CUMC research dataset (SPSS, SAS, excel) and imaging data files Jeff Miller/Elizabeth Sublette - Business Leads
Frank Gonzalez - System lead
6035 Yes Yes
Preclinical Imagine Core Observe neural activity in the brains of behaving mice.     No No
Meth Study Website Static web page to provide information to public regarding Meth Study     No No
EARS Mobile suite of programs including keyboard logger, photo scraper, microphone call data, geolocation, physical activity and phone use. Randy Auerbach - Business Lead   No Pending
DataStat Survey data collection serices and reporting Randy Auerbach - Business Lead   No Yes
NYSPI RedCap Data collection and management platform supporting projects through NYSPI Howard Andrews - System Lead 6292 Yes Yes
NYSPI Amazon Web Services Broad set of cloud solutions support by Amazon. *While not appropriate for health information or HIPAA-protected (clinical) uses, psyIT does have processes to provide data security prior to use of the AWS service, making it appropriate for certain identifiable data needs. psyIT core service   No No*
NeuroScreen Tablet Application Android-based tablet application used by NYSPI workforce to collect subject data. At time of approval, app in use by:

7637-Improving Assessment for Neurocognitive Impairment among Perinatally HIV Infected Youth

7571-Establishing Validity of a Tablet App for the Detection of Neurocognitive Impairment among Young Adults Perinatally-Infected with HIV

7027-Improving HIV Care with mHealth Tools: An App to Detect Neurocognitive Impairment

6992-A Mobile App for LMIC Lay Health Workers to Screen for Neurocognitive Impairment

Reuben Robbins   No Yes
Timeline Follow Back

Online self-assessment program based on a widely used and validated tool the TimeLIneFollowBack (TLFB) used in hundreds of studies and clinical trials. The TLFB assesses daily use of drug and alcohol over 30-day periods. 

Efrat Aharonovich   No Yes