Manually Proxy Setup

Windows 7 Users: Please refer to the instructions for your preferred browser. 

Windows 10 Users: Proxy settings are configured at the OS level in Windows 10 and affects all installed browsers.

Windows 7 with Internet Explorer/Chrome

1. In Internet Explorer, choose Tools >> Internet Options >> Connections Tab.  Then click 'LAN Settings'. IE LAN Settings
2. Check the box for "Use automatic configuration script" and type in the address: "" NYSPI pac

Windows 7 with Firefox

1.  Click the menu button Fx57Menu and choose Options. In the General panel, go to the Network Proxy section. Click "Settings" to open the Connection Settings dialog.  

2. Select "Automatic proxy configuration url"  in  the box below type the address


Firefox Proxy Setup

Windows 10 (All Browsers)

1. Go to Start >> Settings >> Network & Internet Windows 10 settings

2. From the Network & Internet window, select "Proxy"

3. Turn on "Automatically detect settings" and "Use Setup Script" and under "Script Address"  enter: 


windows 10 proxy setup

If you have any questions or issues with setting up the proxy please contact support through the Service Portal -