NYSPI leverages internet proxy services to protect both endpoints and the NYSPI network at large from malicious activity. This free service is available to everyone accessing the NYSPI network and is often automatically deployed, providing increased security for your workstation or server.

The proxy acts as a middleman between you and the internet and is capable of determining when your computer might try to access malicious content. This web filtering technology preemptively identifies and blocks known malicious websites and many other common online threats. This feature is automatically updated and always available.

In September 2018, NYSPI moved from the ZScaler service provided by NYS to a CUMC/NYP-based solution. This simplifies access to CUMC-based services, including journal subscriptions.

While PCs and Macs managed by psyIT should automatically be configured for these service, instructions for manually configuring your proxy settings in Firefox or on machines not manageable remotely are below.

Windows 7 & Windows 10