Virtual Desktop Infrastructure Setup Guide

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) is the practice of running a user’s desktop inside a virtual machine that lives on a server in a data center. All profile settings, installed applications, and the operating system are stored and managed centrally.    VDI provides NYSPI employees with the ability to access their desktop remotely - e.g. when logging in from a home internet connection or a public Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Your virtual desktop can be remotely accessed on a personal computer or laptop via VMware Horizon Client View.  This guide will take you through the process of installing and using VMware Horizon View.  

Section I:  Installing VMware Horizon Client View

Step 1: Open your browser and and go to 


Step 2:  Select the option to Install the VMWare Horizon Client Software. Click Run.

Install VMware


Step 3: Follow all prompts for installing the Client. If prompted for type of Internet address select IPV4. If prompted to enter default server name, enter "".


Step 4: Once successfully installed, click "Finish".  You will need to restart your computer to use the program.  

Install Wizard


Section II: Logging into VDI  

Step 1: Click the VMware Horizon Client Icon on your desktop to to open it.  


Step 2: Double-click the server icon. You will see the ‘Connecting…” graphic


Note: If you do not see the “” icon, it may be necessary for you to add it. To add it, click on the + New Server button in the top left corner, and when prompted enter the server address of (as shown to the right).


Adding Server


Step 3:  You will be prompted to enter your "User name" and RSA passcode.  The username will be your email address (typically  If you do not already have an RSA token, you can learn more about it and how to request one here.  


RSA Code


Step 4: You will be prompted to enter your credentials.  Enter the same user-name used in step 3.  Disregard the drop-down menu next to domain.  It should not matter what is selected next to domain as long as you are using your account. It may take several minutes for the desktop to load the first time that you login.  


2nd Login Information
The "Domain" menu will be locked after entering your user-name


Step 5:  Double-click the OMH VDI icon to open it.  This will open a new desktop screen.  This is a virtual desktop that  allows you to securely access devices and resources on the state run network. 


Section III will go over the instructions for connecting to the specific computer that you use at work.  





Section III: Remote Desktop Connection

After logging into VDI, you will use Window's Desktop Connection to access your work computer.   

Step 1:  In order to access your work computer, you will need to know your fully qualified computer name and the domain it is in. 

Please note that you must physically be at your work computer in order to find this information. Record your computer's name before trying to use the VDI.  

To find the full name of your work computer, click on the windows icon and search for "Control Panel".  Open control panel and select "System and Security".  In the next window, select "System" to bring up the box shown to the right.  

Write down the Full Computer Name (underlined in the example shown here).  This is the name that you will need to know in order to access your workstation while outside of the NYSPI network.  




System and Security
From the Control Panel select System and Security



Then select System

Step 2:  From the virtual desktop, open Remote Desktop Connection.

If there is not already a shortcut on your desktop, you can find the program by clicking on the windows icon and searching for "remote desktop".  Instructions for finding the app and how to make a shortcut are shown to the right.


Remote Connection Icon
Remote Desktop Connection Icon

Making a Remote Desktop shortcut
You can create a shortcut for Remote Desktop Connection by clicking on the Windows icon and searching  "Remote Desktop".  Right click Remote Desktop Connection, then navigate Send to >> Desktop (Create Shortcut).
Step 3: In the box next to computer, enter the full computer name that you recorded from step 1. Click connect. 


Remote Desktop App


Step 4: You should be prompted to enter your NYSPI password. Enter the password that you use for your work computer and click "OK"


Remote Connection Password


More information about features available with VDI and solutions to common issues can be found here

If you are unable to access VDI, or you have any questions about it, please contact PsyIT support.