Client Configuration for Windows

Add your account to an existing profile

Note: Please make sure your Outlook client is closed/quit before proceeding with these steps.

       1. Go to Start -> Control Panel.
       2. Search for Mail and run it.
       3. Within the "Mail" window, click Show Profiles
       4. Select the profile you want to add your account to and click Properties
       5. Click E-mail Accounts...
       6. Under the E-mail tab click New...
       7. The "Add Account" window appears prompting you for some additional information:

Add Account Window

          i)  Your Name: Enter your name however you wish it to appear
          ii) E-mail Address: Be sure to use the new primary format, typically See for a listing of primary e-mail addresses.
          iii) Password/Retype Password: Enter your current NYSPI e-mail password

     8. Click Next.
     9. Click Finish.
    10. Click OK on Mail control panel.
    11. Click Close on "Mail Setup" screen.
    12. Start Outlook with the desired profile.

Important: You are now ready to use Outlook - but depending on the size of the account you
configured, Outlook will need to update its local cache - so it may seem that Outlook is slow
during this time period.