MobileIron Enrollment Guide

This step-by-step guide will show you how to enroll your iOS devices in MobileIron and Docs@work.  Please note that the screenshots were taken from iPhone 6, and your installation may look different. 

Before you begin, it's strongly recommended to upgrade iOS to the latest version.  To upgrade, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update.

If you need help, please contact the Service Desk at or x5777.

  1. If you already have a NYSPI email account set up on your iOS device, go to the following location and delete the account.  
    • iOS11: Settings -> Accounts & Password -> NYSPI account (name may be different) -> tab Delete Account
    • iOS10: Settings -> Mail -> Accounts -> NYSPI account (name may be different) -> tab Delete Account

2. Go to App Store and download the following free apps to install on your iOS devices

  • MobileIron Mobile@work
  • MobileIron Docs@work
3. Open MobileIron Mobile@work. Tab "Allow" button to continue MI Notifications
4. Type your full NYSPI email address, and select "Next" on the keyboard. Type the following server address, and select "Next" keyboard: '' Now, type your NYSPI account password, and select either the "Go" button on the keyboard or "Register" button at the top. MI Register


5. Read the privacy notice, and Select"Continue Privacy Notice
6. Select "Allow MI Location
7. Select "OK  
8. Select "Allow MI SettingsPermission
9. Select "Install" button, and enter your iPhone passcode to unlock when prompted. MI Profile


10. Select "Install MI Profile2
11.Read the warning, then select "Install" MI Warning
12.  Select "Trust" MI RemoteManagement
13. Select "Done" in the top-right corner to complete the installation  
14. Once MobileIron enrollment is complete, a new account named "Office 365" will be created automatically to access your NYSPI email, calendar and contacts.  If you are prompted, enter your NYSPI account password, and select "OK".   

15. If you want to change the name of the account (ex. NYSPI), do the following:

iOS11: Settings -> Accounts & Passwords -> Office 365 -> Account ->Description

iOS10: Settings > Mail > Accounts > Office 365 > Account > Description 


16. With MobileIron enrolled, attachments in email messages will be opened via the Docs@work app (installed in step 2 above)

To open an attachment, select the attachment icon in a message as shown to the right.

MI Attachment
17. Select "Copy to Docs@work" MICopytoDocs@Work
18.  The Docs@Work will open.  Select "Allow" if prompted to receive notifications  
19. To go back to the email, simply select "Mail" located at the top left corner.