Client Configuration for Mac

Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac uses profiles to manage your accounts within Outlook. For details on profile setup options, see

1. On the Auto Account Setup window, enter the following for each field:

  • Email Address: - Be sure to use the new primary format, typically See for a listing of primary e-mail addresses.
  • Method: User Name and Password
  • Username: Re-enter your primary e-mail address (typically
  • Password: Enter your current NYSPI e-mail password
  • Ensure Configure Automatically is checked.

2. Click Add Account.

Please note: If you receive an error message that your account is unable to be autoconfigured, please make sure that your Outlook client is fully updated to the newest version (patch) currently available. Contact your Help Desk if you are unable to resolve this issue

If this is your first time setting up this client, including the updated Office365 “Click-to-Run” client, you may receive the following notification:


Click Activate and follow the instructions using your e-mail address to login when asked to
activate the software.

3. A summary will be displayed upon successfully account configuration.
4. Modify the account description field to something more descriptive, such as your name.
5. Close the Accounts window to start using Outlook.

Important: Depending on the size and amount of emails you have in your account, Outlook may
require some time to completely download all of your mail (and other data) the first time you
load Outlook after configuring your account.