What is Office 365?

Office 365 is Microsoft's bundled software package which includes e-mail; Office "productivity" programs such as Word, Excel, Powerpoint; Online collaboration tools including Sharepoint Online; Online personal file storage; and more.

How do I access Office 365 email?

Office 365 e-mail is available at This is the most reliable way to access your e-mail and this interface is vastly improved from that of the current web e-mail environment.  Office 365 will also work with Microsoft Outlook. Refer to the Software section for details.


What software do I need for Office 365?

Office 365 works great from most standard web browsers and using current Office applications. Full functionality and reliable use of Office 365 e-mail requires Outlook 2016 or 2013 on Windows or Outlook 2016 on Macintosh. If you don't have this software installed currently, don't worry. All NYSPI computers managed by psyIT (part of the NYSPI "Domain") will receive the latest version of Office 365 during the migration. Mac users can use the web access to install the latest version of Office. Software should NOT be updated until after the migration and should be installed from the web access portal ( to ensure the correct version and license is applied. Obviously, psyIT or your program technical liaison can help with software issues.

What is the website for Office 365 email?

Office 365 email is available at This is one of the available options from your general Office 365 homepage,

How do I configure my system to use Office 365?

If you have a compliant version of Outlook, you can configure it to use Office 365 without waiting for the updated software and license install process. To do so, you would delete your existing mail profile from your client and then add the mail account using your full Primary email address, which is typically your and your current e-mail password. A full list of primary e-mail addresses is found one the NYSPI email List. Windows users on computers supported by psyIT, part of the NYSPI "AD" network, are not expected to reconfigure your own client. This will be done for you as part of the client upgrade.

Where can I find out more information about features in Office 365?

Outlook can be used to schedule meetings, check room availability and reserve rooms.  Instructions on how to use these features are available for Windows and Mac. A list of rooms available at NYSPI can be found here

Check back as more features available in Office 365 are added.  


What is "Remote Access"?

Office 365 will see you differently depending on the network and client you are using for access. You will be seen as "Internal" if you access Office 365 from a NYSPI-managed network. Access from other networks, including home networks, CUMC and NYP networks, requires the use of an RSA SecurID token.  

What is a token?

A token is a device or software we can provide that enables "Multifactor Authentication" to your e-mail. Multifactor authentication ("MFA") uses multiple proofs of identity to ensure you are authorized to access the service or resource that you are requesting. These proofs include something you know (a secret like a password), something you have (a token, card or device), or something you are (a biometric measurement or representation). NYSPI uses RSA tokens as a "something you have" factor. You can have the RSA token on a smart phone or in a separate hardware device you can keep on a keyring. We recommend the software token for both ease of use, availability (one less thing to forget), and cost.

How do I get my token?

You can request a token at Log in with your NYSPI Primary e-mail account, which is typically and your current e-mail password.

Can I install the token on my personal phone?

Yes, absolutely. You can install the software token on any smart phone.

I have an OMH token for MHARS/VistA.  Do I need another?

Yes. Currently you will need a separate token for NYSPI and OMH accounts. We hope to eliminate this in the near future.

When do I need a token for Office 365?

You only need a token to access Office 365 outside NYSPI using a web browser or when you are setting up the Outlook Web Access app on your iPhone.  

How do I log in remotely to Office 365?

Instructions for accessing Office 365 outside NYSPI offices can be found at


What options exist for reading mail on my mobile device?

1. Browser (Android & iPhone/iPad): Your NYSPI e-mail can always be accessed via a web browser at https://mail.office365.comThis is the only option currently available for Android users.  An RSA token is required for browser access outside NYSPI-approved networks. 

2. Mobile OWA App: Microsoft is eliminating support for the Mobile OWA app on both Apple iOS and Android, but while available, it may be used. You will need an RSA token to set-up access to your NYSPI mailbox.  Information about setting up the OWA app can be found here.  

3. Native Integration (iphone & iPad): Apple users can integrate email into the native iOS mail application using the NYS MobileIron Mobile Device Management (MDM) tool.  Details about MobileIron setup can be found here. 

Do I need a token to access mail on my iphone?

A token is not needed if your mobile device is configured with MobileIron and you are accessing mail through the native iPhone/iPad Mail app. Access from a browser or using the OWA app, even on a mobile device, may require a token.

How do I add a shared mailbox on my Iphone?

You can use the mobile browser for ad hoc access to shared mailboxes. iPhone users can use the OWA app for to access a shared mailbox on their phone. Follow the procedures outlined above..


How do I change my password?

Office 365 uses your existing e-mail account, which is also used for most NYSPI PC logins. If your PC is part of the NYSPI "AD" domain, you will be prompted when your password expires. You may also change your password using the NYS password self-service site:  You need to set up your password profile before you can use the self-service site to change your password

How do I change my account settings?

Send details about the change to psyIT as an "Ask a Question" request here.

I forget my password.  How do I reset it? 

If you have set up your password self-service, you may reset your password at the NYS password self-service site: If you have not set up that service, visit the service desk in Kolb L2 or call 646-774-5777.